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UAWC Organizes a Field Tour for the Biggest Norwegian Labor Union

The Union of Agricultural Work Committees organized on Thursday and Sunday a field tour in Hebron, Bethlehem, Toulkarem and Qalqilia, for a delegation of the Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees (NUMGE), the biggest labor union in Norway.

The tour aimed at briefing the delegation about the hardships that Palestinian Farmers go through as a result of the Israeli occupation practices, such as land confiscation for the benefit of Israeli settlement expansion, building of industrial zones, and building the segregation wall that isolated thousands of citizens and prevented them from reaching their lands and natural resources.

The tour also included a visit to locations where UAWC implemented one of its most important project “Land Development and Water Resource Management”, and the size of impact UAWC’s work made in areas classified as C, in addition to visiting women’s cooperatives which were supported and established by UAWC to reinforce the role of women and economically empower them, and finally meeting with farmers who briefed the delegation about the hardships they face caused by the practices of the occupation forces and its settlers.

It is worth noting that NUMGE is one of the main supporters of UAWC and the Palestinian people, and organizes regular visits to Palestine.