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The Local Seed Bank Concludes Seeds’ Distribution for the winter season of 2016-2017

The Union of Agricultural Work Committees’ Local Seed Bank concluded the 2016-2017 winter season seeds’ distribution, this activity is part of the “Local Seed Bank” project plan to provide winter and summer seeds for farmers, aiming to supply them with authentic local seed that produce healthy agricultural products without the need for any chemical inputs, the distributed varieties reached an amount of 28,000 gm, covering an area of 100 dunums of rainfed cultivation.

Farmers choose a certain type of the local seed varieties conserved in the bank, that are characterized by its ability to grow and produce using rain water without the need for irrigation sources, this results in increasing the area of cultivated lands and gives more opportunities to farmers to cultivate lands where irrigation resources are not available. The total number of farmers who benefited from the winter local seeds was 50 farmers, 22% of which were women, distributed in different areas of the West Bank, the seeds underwent germination tests right before distribution, and showed a germination percentage of at least 90%; the Local Seed Bank is now preparing for the summer season seed distribution.

It is worth noting that the Local Seed Bank, that was established and is managed by UAWC since 2003, succeeded in reproducing and improving 37 varieties of local vegetable and field crop’s seeds, where the genetic origins of the seeds are preserved according to proper conservation mechanisms, in order to protect it from the risk of extinction and achieve food sovereignty for Palestinian farmers.