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The Palestinian Coalition for Climate Justice holds a workshop on “Climate Justice and Social Movements”

The Palestinian Coalition for Climate Justice held on Monday a workshop about “Climate Justice and Social Movements: COP21 Climate Summit Experience in building social movements”; the workshop took place in the Union of Agricultural Wok Committees office in Ramallah, and was attended by a number of member organizations in the coalition, in addition to Ms. Juliette Russo, the coordinator of the French Coalition of the COP21 Climate Summit.

The workshop started with a briefing about the objectives and reasons of forming the Palestinian Coalition for Climate Change, which was established to unify the efforts and enhance the coordination between civil society institutions concerned with climate change issue, which effects are doubled in the presence of the Israeli occupation and its constant crimes against the environment in Palestine; Russo also gave a briefing on the French Coalition which joins the efforts of 130 French institutions that work and struggle to achieve real climatic justice for the French society, especially in poor communities that are highly affected by climate change, through intensifying the work in lobbying and advocacy and following up with climate summits’ negotiations, in an attempt to influence decision makers, and force governments of big countries to take responsibility for the issue of climate change.

On the other hand, the participating institutions presented a summary about climate change in Palestine, which also became a political issue due to the fact that the Israeli occupation is the primary cause for climatic problems in the area, as a result of its chemical factories and military activities, giving an example about the “Jishouri” factory built on the lands of Toulkarem city, causing an environmental and a humanitarian disaster in the area.

The workshop was concluded with discussion on future cooperation means and mechanisms, where it was agreed to cooperate to expand the network of the Palestinian Coalition with international ones, to pressure decision makers to include the Palestinian cause in their decisions and statements, additionally to promote the campaign of boycotting Israel especially in France, particularly Israeli companies that are the main cause of climatic change locally and internationally.