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Beneficiaries of the LWRM Program in Halhoul Honor UAWC

Hebron – A group of farmers from Halhoul village near Hebron honored the Union of Agricultural Work Committees last Thursday, during a meeting that was held in UAWC’s office in Hebron; the meeting was held between the beneficiaries of the “Land and Water Resource Management” program funded by the Netherlands Representative Office, and Mr. Fuad Abu Seif, General Director of UAWC. The meeting included a review of the program’s outputs in Halhoul, where 1300 dunums of agricultural lands were rehabilitated, a number of agricultural wells with the capacity of 7500m3 were established, and 22km of agricultural roads were opened to reach the lands which were rehabilitated during the program’s implementation. The farmers referred to the role UAWC’s role in protecting their lands from being confiscated by the Israeli occupation, they also referred to its role in reinforcing farmers on their lands, and creating a source of income for them as farmers are constantly working there now. Mr. Abu Seif confirmed that UAWC will continue working in the area to protect it from being confiscated in favor of settlements, and to reinforce farmers on it. It is worth mentioning that the LWRM program funded by the NRO, is implemented by UWC in partnership with Palestine Hydrology Group, Land Research Center, and Economic and Social Development Center of Palestine, and in coordination with the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture.