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UAWC and NRO signed agreement to implement the second phase of the Land and Water Resourses Management program

This week, the NRO and the Union of Agricultural Work Committees UAWC signed an USD 11,250,000 agreement to implement the second phase of the Land and Water Resource Management program. The agreement was signed by Head of Cooperation, Mrs. Henny de Vries and Mr. Fuad Abo Seif, the General Director of UAWC. In the coming 4 years, the program will build on the successes of the first phase of the program. During the past phase, over 3000 dunums of land were reclaimed, 320 km of agricultural roads were opened and over 43 km of agricultural water networks were built. These activities will be continued in close cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and local communities. New elements in the program consists of climate change adaptation measures such as improving soil conservation techniques, countering erosion and introducing innovative water harvesting techniques. The program will also focus more on empowerment of women in the agricultural sector, land registration and environmental awareness.