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UAWC Distributes Seeds in Jenin and Qalqilia

 The Union of Agricultural Work Committees finished distributing field crop seeds of 5 different varieties, to cultivate 400 dunums of agricultural lands in areas classified as C, close to settlements, and the segregation wall, in the villages of Jalboun and Burqeen in Jenin governorate, and Kufor Qadoum and Baqa Al-Hatab in Qalqilia governorate. This activity is part of the “Humanitarian Response to Food Security & Protection needs in Qalqilia and Jenin Governorates Villages” project implemented by UAWC with the support of the Norwegian People’s Aid.

The project benefited more than 100 farmers distributed in the four villages, where the farmers planted the seeds in their lands covering around 370 dunums, with plans to cultivate the rest of the area in the next phase. In Kufor Qadoum, the farmers were attacked by Israeli settlers, who tried to expel them from their lands to prevent them from planting it, in an attempt to terrorize them and confiscate their lands.

The project aims at protecting agricultural lands that are threatened to be confiscated by the Israeli Occupation, in addition to reinforcing food security of the targeted families, and their attachment to their lands through planting them.