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  UAWC  launches an environmental project in the village of Jiftlik in the governorate of Jericho

UAWC launches an environmental project in the village of Jiftlik in the governorate of Jericho


UAWC launched a project, "Reducing the risk of exposure to plastic waste used in agriculture through the use of environmental alternatives in the Palestinian villages of the Jordan Valley", which is known as the Agricultural eco-friendly mulching, funded by the United Nations Environment Facility, to be implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture Environmental Quality and the Joint Services
Council for Solid Waste.

The project will promote environmental awareness in the
field of environmental agriculture, as well as provide a biodegradable organic soil cover that improves the soil properties and saves the environment from harmful plastic accumulations. The project also encourages targeted farmers in Jiftlik village to clean their land of plastic waste, Soil
integrity and fertility.

The project was launched through a workshop on the activities of the project. The agricultural work was held at the headquarters of Jericho and Al-Aghwar governorate, in the presence of the Governor of Jericho and Al-Aghwar Governor Mr. Jihad Abu Al-Asal who praised this step which will preserve the land and human beings.

He recommended that the recommendations of this workshop be monitored and monitored Headed by the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture, in the presence of representatives of the Directorate of Education in Jericho and a representative of the Association of children Jiftlik cooperative.

In her turn, the Project Coordinator of the United Nations Environment Facility (UNEP), Ms. Nadia Al-Khudari, presented a summary of the seven projects supported this year that deal with chemicals, their uses and their impact on the environment and human health. Uses.
Ms. Bassamat Salem, a representative of Education in Jericho, recommended the inclusion of schools and environmental clubs in this project, especially the Jiftlik school, in order to generalize the idea and clarify its importance, especially that there is a proposal to add the specialization of agriculture in secondary school at Jiftlik school next year.

The representative of the Joint Services Council, Mr. Abdul Jabbar Abu Halawa, stressed the importance of adopting the results of this project, and recommended the need to activate the role of the Ministry of Agriculture in preventing the use of plastic and prevent the use of chemicals in agriculture to preserve the environment and resources.

For his part, Raed Bisharat on the role of the Ministry of Agriculture in the process of raising awareness on the subject of environmental agriculture and the conversion of agriculture to agriculture with lower costs, and that its role in this project is not limited to the supervisory role, but a participatory role in the implementation of all activities.
Mr. Amjad Ibrahim of the Environmental Quality Authority concluded by saying that all efforts to protect the environment, especially plastic and chemical waste, are harmful and threaten our natural resources.