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The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) hosts a legal workshop for farmers in the Jordan Valley

UAWC hosted a legal workshop about the Israeli occupation’s policies for thirty-five farmers from the Middle and South Valley areas. This workshop was held with the participation of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), and revolved around explaining the temporal and historical trajectories of Israeli policies of control in these areas, and their making recourse to previously present laws such as Ottoman, Jordanian and Military laws. 

 The workshop also dealt with the military orders and notifications that Palestinian farmers continue to face, and ways in which they can respond to them. 

This workshop forms part of UAWC’s broader project titled right for land and water hosted with the participation of the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture, and with the cooperation with the Municipality of Jericho. The workshop was funded by the German foreign office through IFA, and with the cooperation of Medico International. It is worth noting that this workshop is part of broader projects led by UAWC to increase and strengthen legal awareness about the rights of Palestinian farmers in their land.