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The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) inaugurates the “Matwi fountains” restoration project in Salfit

 With the cooperation of the Municipality of Salfit, UAWC inaugurated the “Matwi fountains” restoration project. The inauguration was held in the presence of Mr. Majid Nasir, head of UAWC’s operation and development unit; Mr. Jaime, a representative of the Spanish Social Promotion Foundation; the vice-president of Salfit Municipality; Engineer Ibrahim Ahmad from the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture; and representatives of other local councils and municipalities. 

The project includes restoration works for Al-Matwi and Al-Saka fountains that provide 15% of Salfit’s water needs, and other related works necessary for the functioning of the fountains. The project also included installing cameras to monitor the fountains and protect them, as well as providing a pump that will allow the municipality to pump water if needed. The project also included restoring old pumps and water tubes as to reduce water loss. 

It is important to note that this project forms part of UAWC’s project of improving the living conditions of small-scale farmers in Salfit through making access to water resources easier. This is a project funded by the Madrid municipality, and led by UAWC and the Spanish Social Promotion Foundation, and with the cooperation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Municipality of Salfit. As part of UAWC’s broader vision, this project aims to improve the living conditions of farmers facing bad social and economic conditions due to ongoing Israeli policies.