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 UAWC Holds its Annual Ordinary General Assembly Meeting

UAWC Holds its Annual Ordinary General Assembly Meeting


During the annual ordinary meeting held by the Union of Agricultural Work Committees in the West Bank and Gaza, the General Assembly endorsed UAWC’s administrative and financial reports after members of the Union in both the West Bank and Gaza went through the reports and discussed them, the assembly recommended the necessity of continuing the work of the Union in protecting the land and supporting the steadfastness of the Palestinian farmers despite the number of great challenges which are increasing annually due to the policies of the Israeli occupation.

The meeting opened by UAWC’s chairman; Mr.Rizeq Al-Barhgouthi, who asserted the union’s pride of what the Palestinian farmers present despite all the hardships and challenges they face, stressing on the need to strengthen the role of the General Assembly and integrate it more in the work of the Union to enhance its contribution to its development.

From his end, Mr.Hassan Al-Ashqar; a representative of the Palestinian ministry of agricultural praised the ministry's partnership with UAWC and the amount of accomplishments UAWC have achieved over the past few  years, affirming on the necessity of continuing with partnering with NGOs that works in the agriculture sector, from a standpoint of national responsibility to support the agricultural sector.

Mrs. Hala Al-Qishawi, who was representing the Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO) affirmed the importance of the Union’s work in supporting farmers and fishermen in facing the continues deterioration of the agricultural sector which is a result of the occupation policies of the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and the banning of access to key productive elements, in addition to confiscation of Palestinian land in the West Bank.

From his end, Mr. Basel Dudeen, who was representing international organizations praised the partnership with UAWC that have been going for the past 10 years, and mentioned that the core of the union's work is to support the Palestinian farmers steadfastness and protect natural resources, pointing that the success rates achieved from partnering with UAWC during the implementation of UNDP project was 89% in the West Bank and 88% in Gaza, he also asserted that the partnership will continue with the goal to transform the state of dependence on relief and assistance into the state of production.

Union of Agricultural Work Committees general director, Eng.Fuad Abu Saif stressed that the land is the essence of struggle with the Israeli occupation and despite lack of funding and the high frequency of incitement against UAWC by settler organizations supported by the occupation government, the union have maintained the unity of its two branches and worked within a prepared strategic plan, Stressing the importance of uniting efforts to continue to support the agricultural sector that is mostly endangered and under attack, which calls for more policies that raise the challenge and support the steadfastness of the farmer.

The General Assembly concluded its meeting with a set of recommendations that asserted the need to continue supporting the Palestinian farms and protecting the natural resources, and the election of a new Board of Directors of the Union which included the following names:

Maryamm Ismaeil, Rozeq Al-Barghouthi, Fares Al-Fares, MOhammad Al-Rujoub, Abeer Al-Mashni, Maysar Al-Faqeih, Waleed Abu Sharar, Jaber Qormot, Hiba Abdul Kareem, Atef Sultan, Maysara Al-Kafarneh, Abdul-Kareem Rayhan and Al-Sayyed Al-Jadbeh.