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 Union of Agricultural Work Committees for the Sake of Protecting the Land and Supporting the Palestinian Farmer

Union of Agricultural Work Committees for the Sake of Protecting the Land and Supporting the Palestinian Farmer


Since the establishment of UAWC in 1986 by a group of volunteering agriculture farmers, the Union did not hesitate to protect the Palestinian land from the risk of confiscation policy that reached a peak during the 80s by the Israeli Occupation, on this basis, the union have grown and expanded, in an institutionalized process that worked according a developmental liberative strategy covered by its strong presence in West Bank governorates and the Gaza strip represented by its offices, branches, administrative staff and agricultural farmers.

Over the years, UAWC dedicated all of its projects to achieve the main goal that it have worked and works for which is summed up by “Protecting our land and support our farmers”, covering thousands of beneficiaries annually, mostly Palestinian farmers and their families on the confrontation lines with Israeli military orders, confiscation orders, demolition and work suspension orders and other examples of rules that aim to steal the Palestinian land, that's why the union's projects were focused in Area C (According to Oslo Agreement), which caused a crack in the inciting campaign lead by settler organizations supported by the Israeli government, the campaign’s goal was to impede UAWC’s by announcing it a “terrorist organization”, but this didn’t stop the union from continuing its work that aims to support farmer’s steadfastness and their right in existence on their land which is ratified by all international laws and conventions .

The year 2017 was another stop for agricultural work in which it worked passionately and forcefully despite the obstacles it faced and incitement. The number of beneficiaries of its 27 projects amounted to about 28,000 beneficiaries, including 13999 beneficiaries in the West Bank and 13774 beneficiaries in the Gaza Strip . The projects were distributed over 9 governorates in the West Bank and 5 in the Gaza Strip, while the target population was 86 villages, towns and communities in the nine governorates in the West Bank and 20 in the Gaza Strip. In terms of reclamation and rehabilitation of the land, which is considered the main activity of the agricultural work, the Union was able to rehabilitate and rehabilitate 6322 dunums of which 1581 farmers and their families benefited in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the construction and rehabilitation of 108 km of agricultural roads in different areas and communities benefiting 1887 farmers, Farmers to their land and the transfer of agricultural inputs necessary for their work and form a nucleus of communication between them at a time when the settlements and the separation of villages and Palestinian communities

In the area of ​​water, which is considered to be one of the main pivots of the conflict with the occupation, the Union implemented several projects works on developing and managing water resources. These activities contributed to increase the water harvest by 27850 m3 in the West Bank through the establishment of mineral and cement reservoirs and wells to collect water. In parallel, water access to agricultural lands was ensured through the extension and installation of a network of 18.4 km of water pipelines for this purpose, including 9.5 km in the West Bank and 8.9 km in the Gaza Strip, benefiting 382 beneficiaries. On the other hand, the Federation has empowered fishermen through the rehabilitation of 158 fishing boats, the distribution of 260 fishing kits containing 260 fishing vessels, the rehabilitation of 561 fishing nets, the operation of 240 fishermen and the supply of 60 fishing boats.