A statement issued by the Union of Agricultural Work Committees

A statement issued by the Union of Agricultural Work Committees


On March 30th, the Palestinian people and all the freedom and justice fighters in Historic Palestine and around the world celebrated the 42nd anniversary of  the immortal Land Day, asserting their deep connection to the land, and affirming its unity in various locations in defying the occupation’s colonial project. We are witnessing our Palestinian people in the Gaza strip is facing with its huge mobilize masses and naked chests the Israeli killing machine, proving to the whole world that there is no alternative for the land, no substitute for freedom, no matter how intensified the siege and the torture and the doubling of detention and field executions in cold blood in front of the world,

Today, the Palestinian people sacrificed 19 unarmed martyr and around 2000 injury, most of which are children and youth, all the casualties were sniped by the Israeli Occupation forces from behind dust fences where they station in fear of justice and the will that will not be defeated, the will that thousands of besieged Gazans are currently using it as their only weapon.

The growing challenges that faces our Palestinian people and its just cause for national liberation where they face daily killing, and continuous theft of land and natural resources all over Palestine in a clear violation of all international treaties, starting with the 4th Geneva convention and International, in addition to the continuation of the Occupation bulldozers of land destruction whether by uprooting trees, confiscation or judaization of the land, we are losing more land on a daily basis to the occupation and settlers. Meanwhile the reality of the Palestinian people is getting worse due to internal catastrophic division and the absence of a national strategic vision that is based on unity and political partnership, while the Occupation continue with enforcing a siege on the Gaza Strip, with the largest population density on the smallest area of land in the world, where our great people in Gaza is proving again to the whole world that nor seige or starvation or punishments will prevent the masses from going out to confront the occupation, the Gazans are asserting that the right to land, freedom does not fade with prescription or suppression no matter how old or big they were, and that the occupation will end with the will of the people and secondly with the help of the freedom fighters around the world.

The occupation has not only planted around 700,000 settlers in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, all at the expense of the indigenous population, the occupation is building moe settling units while giving no regard to Security Council resolution number  2334, which considered the settlement activity as illegal and demanded its cessation, the occupation is backed by the backed by the decision of the new United States Administration which supports settlements, which uprooted/ expelled  the Palestinian right to Jerusalem by proclaiming Trump in Jerusalem as the capital of the occupying state, producing the scenes and plans of the past years to the public.  

To our Palestinian people, freedom fighters around the world :

The Union of Agricultural Work Committees and the Palestinian Peasants movement  (La Via Campasina) are calling upon friends and supporters of the steadfast of the Palestinian people and those who believe in the justice of their cause, to stand by us in the face of the killing perpetrated by the occupation against our people in Gaza in violation of all international and humanitarian conventions. We are calling upon you to end and isolate the Israeli killing machine, to expose and stop the field executions of civilians in Gaza, people of the world today must stop the hand of the ugly capitalism extended in the region through the occupying state, the greatest tool in the region and force it to end its occupation of Palestine and respect the right of Palestinian land rights, freedom and dignity.

April, 2018