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UAWC Organize an Event Honoring Women Farmers in the Jordan Valley

 On Wednesday UAWC organized an honoring event to celebrate International Women's Day, the event targeted a group of women farmers that are based in Al-Jiftlik area in the Jordan Valley, the event was attended by a delegation representing the Agricultural Union administration who affirmed the Union’s continuous support to Palestinian women farmers who forms one of UAWC’s main objects which is to support and empower the Palestinian farmers in their steadfastness on their lands. 

The event was attended by around 40 women from all over the West Bank, the audience included; women farmers, cooperative members that are affiliated with UAWC (who were also honored during the event). Then, the room was available for an open discussion where the women moderated and exchanged experiences, and spoke about the main obstacles they face as women working in the agricultural sector. The obstacles they spoke about were mainly related to occupation’s violations and settlers violence, and obstacles related to marketing issues, natural disasters compensation and taxes, the women demanded for more pressure to achieve a real support for the Palestinian farmer who faces the occupation and neglection by the Palestinian government on a daily basis. 

UAWC celebrates International Women’s Day annually by honoring the women farmers in different governorates around the West Bank.