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Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) and Norwegian People's Aid Sign an Agreement to Support Farmers and Fishermen’s Rights in Gaza

 Gaza- Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) and Norwegian People's Aid signed an agreement to implement a project under the title (Defending Farmers and Fishermen’s Rights) for the year 2018, the agreement signing ceremony was attended by Ms. Silvia Ostberg Morales, Country Director of NPA, Mr Mahmoud Hamadah; program director, and on behalf of UAWC, Dr Sayyed Al-Jadbeh; Chairman of Board of Directors in Gaza accompanied by the UAWC’s general director; Mr Mohammad Al-Bakri and Mr. Bashir Al-Ankah; Director of Operations and Programs.

The project aims to organize farmers, fishermen, and small scale producers in one strong body that can defend itself and protect the rights to access land and water and right to freedom of movement for individuals and products, through raising the share of the agricultural sector in the public budget, activate the Fund for compensation to farmers, and include farmers within the the services of the Social Security Fund, in addition to activating advocacy for for farmers rights  on the local and international levels, build the Palestinian peasants movement, and establish the regional office for the global peasants movement ( La Via Campesina) in the Arab World and North Africa.

This year is considered to be the third out of 4 total years dedicated to execute this project, which is implemented in both the West Bank and Gaza while paying special attention to restricted areas of access in Gaza and Area “C” in the West Bank. The activities of the project during this year include the implementation of initiatives to support farmers and fishermen, in addition to organizing solidarity and popular events to demand for farmers rights, activate the Palestinian peasants movement and open the door for farmers to join it. The project also aimed to  participate in international events related to farmers and fishermen rights advocacy on the international level especially through La Via Campesina and the The World Forum of Fisher Peoples, in addition to organizing workshops to raise awareness among farmers and fishermen and implement training courses to develop the capacity members of committees and the field of social movements building advocacy, communication, leadership and teamwork.